About me

I'm a certified osteopath by the Wingate institute since 2007, and the owner of a private osteopathy clinic in TLV and CFAR SHMARYHOO. I treat handicapped army veterans and athletes.

I take part in the Competitive Paralympic crew, an authorized contractor by the IDF, and the Competitive Sport division at the Wingate Institute.

I'm a certified Sports Trainer by the Wingate Institute, in the field of Olympic Weightlifting (1995-1997), and took part in seminars both locally and internationally.

Senior Trainer in Weightlifting, and manager at the Israeli Paralympic Committee. Previously, I also trained at "Beit-Halochem" Tel-Aviv and at "Macabbi" Tel-Aviv (2001-2016).

I used to be a competitive athlete and the Israeli Champion at weightlifting (1992-2002).


My Inspiration

During the year 2000, the Women's Weightlifting field received world recognition and joined the list of competitive sports at the Olympics.

At the time I was already an active athlete for eight years, during which I was part of the senior staff in the Competitive Sport division in Wingate Institute.

I took part in extended training camps domestically and internationally, and represented Israel in International Competitions, including the World and Europe Championships.

At the same time, a new line of weights was developed for women, including finer weight rods, and Polyurethane weights in standard diameter, and light weight of 2.5 and 5 kg. My weight classification also shifted between 58kg and 63kg.

At the Wingate Institute they trained women as judges and trainers, which I took part in. Over the years I trained athletes as part of the cadet staff, in the Weightlifting Union and the Sports Association "ASA" Tel-Aviv.

My Belief

Our bodies are free, and dis-aligned by any axis. For as long as we train ourselves to move freely, during varied and combined training sessions, we will be able to improve our functional movement capabilities of our bodies, and avoid unnecessary injuries, limitations and pain in our everyday lives.

First and foremost, we are obliged to maintain our bodies.

Treatment aids in maintaining maximum movement capabilities, and maintains movement range and body integrity.

Every person is an individual.
Every person is a structure onto themselves.
Wholeness of structure influences wholeness of function.
Self-Belief is also Belief in one's body.
Where there is a dream, there lives a drive to fulfil it.
Being competitive is much like a gambling game, except that the gambler is also the racing horse.
To fully achieve your aspirations is to consciously ignore your obstacles.
On the path to success, there are many disappointments and stress.
Shifting a state of mind and body imagery leads to changes in perception and way of life.
Difficulty is a path to progression.
The more powerful you become, the more liberated you feel.
Even a single step means progress.
Personal responsibility and perseverance is a sure pathway to success.
Procrastination only amplifies difficulties